Bengalis are the residents of the state of West Bengal in India, and they are one of the most foodaholic people with a refined choice for ethnic delicacies. Their taste buds are considered to be much more sensitive when it comes to savoring the best of vegetarian as well non-veg gastronomical delights. And it is in a traditional Bengali wedding, you get to experience the taste and colors of Bengal in full bloom. A Bengali Hindu wedding is something that every Indian must attend at least once in their lifetime to experience the flavors and fashion of Bengal which is truly unique and different. Bengalis are traditional fashion lovers too, and their attires reflect that abstract traditional charm, elegance and sophistication that is beyond the imagination of any fashion designer or fashionista. A saree is a traditional Bengali attire which every woman loves to wear for special occasions like weddings & anniversaries, and when it comes to food, it is the ‘fish’ which forms the core item in a Bengali wedding menu. Wedding in any community are always grand, as it involves the participation of friends and family members, and a Bengali Hindu wedding is in no different.


Wedding Rituals and Food

There are numerous customs, rituals, ceremonies and traditions involved in an authentic Bengali wedding that speaks volume and grandeur which is probably the case in every other Hindu wedding. The pre as well as post wedding rituals are countless that comprises of mantras, chants, hymns, songs and fun plays that are customary traditions. A Brahmin priest presides over the entire wedding function/ceremony in the presence of Fire which is considered one of the elements of life, according to Hindu mythology. Obeisance is paid to the respective God which is a mandatory ritual in every Indian wedding. Gifts are distributed, especially Indian sarees to the bridesmaid and relatives. The Bidai is another ceremony which involves lots of customs, traditions and rituals. Food is another aspect that is the core to any wedding, and when it is a Bengali wedding, it is in one word, ‘lip smacking’.The menu comprises of countless Fish items, apart from non-veg delicacies like chicken and mutton that is a must. Then comes the sweet, and it is the world famous Bengali Rasgulla (a traditional Bengal sweet) and the sweet curd that is quintessential.


Bengali Bridal Fashion

Bengalis are traditional fashion lovers and their wardrobe comprises mostly of Indian sarees, be it cotton or silk. Tant is one of the traditional sarees of Bengal that is worn by ladies, and it is also gifted to the bride, by the groom after the day of the wedding. But most importantly, it is the Banarasi silk saree from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, that is the first and foremost choice of all Bengali brides throughout India. A Red Banarsi saree is worn on the day of the wedding, and one such saree is also worn during the day of the reception which is in a different color, that is gifted by the groom’s family. So, you can well understand the importance of a bridal saree in an authentic Bengali wedding. Not just the bride, it is the bridesmaid too that wear it during the entire wedding function, that lasts for almost a week. It is a Bengali Hindu wedding where you get to see the best of colors, style, fashion and food that is unique and unrivaled.

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