Bharatnatyam is the traditional dance form of Tamil Nadu, originating from the Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva where the dancer expresses herself through the mudras and bhavas that are the gestures of the hand, face and eyes. Here the dancer wears a traditional south Indian temple attire, which is a saree produced from pure silk, and which is rich and loud in colors. This dance form is a tribute to the Lord Almighty, therefore it is predominantly performed at the Hindu temples of south India, and it is regarded as the oldest classical dance form of India. It consists of measured footwork, hand gestures, movement of the eyes and face muscles, that actually narrates a story which is easily understood by all. This classical dance is accompanied by music and a singer, that conducts the dance and it is a beautiful female dancer, that performs to the tune of the music, played in the background. What catches the attention of all, is the traditional costume of the dancer, which consists of a colorful silk saree with custom pleats and a typical style of wearing or drape, with inverted semi-circular designs at the front. It is a purely Hindu tradition in south India, especially in Tamil Nadu, where this dance is performed on religious occasions and weddings.


Classic Silk Attire

The dress material is pure silk fabric, especially a Kanjivaram silk saree in rich colors like red, green, yellow, orange and maroon that signifies the brighter side of life. This classical Indian dance is famous, the world over, and Indian artisans perform at various international events and in front of august audience who are thrilled by the sheer exquisiteness and magnificence of this dance. The bright colors, style, music and traditional fashion associated with this dance is unique, as the saree drape style, jewelry and makeup makes this traditional art form, different from others. It is an elaborate presentation of a story through the rich expressions and gestures, which is really classical in appeal. It is the silk saree in multiple pleats that the dancer wears for the performance, catches the attention of all traditional fashion lovers, and that sets the colorful ambiance which is brought about by the saree. The jewelry on the nose, neck, ear and the gold waist band, looks stunning in appeal, and the dancer oozes out a refreshing feel in this gorgeous attire, which is a pure silk saree with gold zari borders.

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