In the North Eastern Indian state of Assam, Bihu is the integral festival, as it marks the end of the harvest season in the month of April, and beginning of the Assamese New Year. The entire state celebrates this festival with exceptional fervor and joy, as people especially the farming community pay respect to their gods and goddesses by visiting the nearby temples and offer their prayers. The men and women folk are dressed in their traditional attires, as they dance their way to the tunes of the folk songs of Assam. The celebration starts early in the morning as the farmers in the villages perform various rituals, pujas and prayers on their respective field and farms. The cattle and bullocks are taken out for a bath in the nearby ponds and fed well, and thereafter worshiped with full customary rituals. The women perform beautiful traditional dance wearing sarees that are made from raw silk. It is actually the trademark Assamese Muga saree that girls and women wear during this day of the year, and perform traditional dance forms. Homes in Assam are cleaned, wiped and put on a new coat of paint, this time of the year, to look fresh, as every family wants to start their new year in a religious and pure way.


Local Cuisine and Clothing

Assamese are real food lovers, and their platter includes a vast array of vegetarian as well as non-veg delicacies, with fish taking the centerstage. Various types of fish are bought from the local market and then prepared in a purely traditional way, apart from the local delicacy of edible plants and bamboo shoots that are prepared in a rustic manner. There are sweet dish items too that cannot be ignored at any cost. Similarly, it is the festive fashion that catches the attention of all traditional fashion lovers who posses a fond liking for traditional Indian saris in raw silk.  The Assam Muga silk sarees are to be seen everywhere and the traditional Mekhela Chador that are draped by every other women in Assam, especially in the villages. The men wear traditional Assamese dhoti and gamosa whereas the women folk dance their way in golden Muga silk saree that looks real pretty on young unmarried girls. These beautiful sarees have traditional embroidery done on the borders and on the pallu,that makes them unique in appearance. At the very first glance, one can make out that is the traditional Assamese silk saree in golden beige with red resham thread embroidery. Overall, Bihu is one such occasion when the air is filled with the festive fervor and colors of joy, that spans the length and breadth of this state. This is certainly a spectacle, worth viewing.

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