India is a religiously and ethnically diverse nation, with people belonging to different faith, religion, sect and groups, co-existing together in harmony, for centuries. This is the true essence of India. The Catholic Christian community too is one such religious group, that is settled in India, from the time, when the French, Portuguese and Dutch arrived in this nation. Today, the Indian Christian community is a sizeable minority group, having their own traditions, customs, beliefs and rituals which are quite evident through their wedding ceremonies and festivals. It is mainly the wedding attire and local cuisine, that makes one such Christian wedding, really unique and distinct in feel. In India, the wedding gowns have their unique and typical embroidery style, all along the border, that makes them different from their European counterpart, which relies more on volume and fabric quality. The silk and satin gowns in pure white and off-white are mandatory in every Christian wedding all over the world, and India is no different. Even though the style, design, cut and craftsmanship varies, from one region to another, the overall essence remains the same. Some Indo-western wedding gowns have moderate to heavy embroidery, whereas some have very little embroidery pattern, to produce that sophisticated feel.


The Color White is Really Soothing

Any wedding gown is characterized by its pure white color, which is actually traditional and religious in belief. The netted cape or veil too that the bride wears over her head, is in matching color, which brings about that ‘pure’ aspect to a Christian wedding. Here, in India too, the bride adorns a classic Indo western gown, that is precisely produced for a wedding at church or chapel. Such gowns can be custom made as per certain design specifications which is requested or provided by the customer. The incorporation of sequins, lace and net are quite common in Indian gowns that are specially produced for weddings. The bride can choose from an array of designs, color shades and styles that are to be seen in one such classic Indian wedding attire. Though all are quite similar in their overall look, but it is the intricate design patterns and lacework on the border, that differs from one gown to other. It is a reputable fashion and bridal clothing store like “Kalki” that presents you with an extensive collection of Indo Western gowns in similar off-white and milky white color. So,it is always advised to choose from a collection of classic Christian wedding attires that best transforms the look of a bride.

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