Christmas is an international festival which is celebrated by the Christian community throughout the globe on the 25th of December, and here in India, it is no different. All over India, this festival is celebrated with immense fervor and passion as the men and women folk come together in celebrating the birth of the almighty Lord, Jesus Christ in all the local church and cathedrals. States like Goa, Kerala, Mizoram, Nagaland and Meghalaya which has a huge Christian (Catholic and Protestant) population, celebrate this day with extreme passion and joy, singing in the praise of the Lord and offering prayers at the local church and also at home. Gifts, especially chocolates and cakes are packed in boxes and distributed among children who enjoy this day to the fullest. Families begin their Christmas shopping in the first week of December, buying new clothes, sweets and all other fashion accessory items that certainly bring about happiness in the lives of all concerned individuals. Christmas is one of the most popular festivals in India, not only among the vast Christian community, but also among the majority Hindu community that equally participate and stand by the side of the Christians.


Christmas Food and Fashion

Come Christmas, and cakes, pastries and chocolates galore in almost all bakery and confectionery shops in town that sells a wide variety of cupcakes and chocolate cakes. It is a trend here in India, to gift cakes/pastries to friends, family and relatives during the day of Christmas, that marks the the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a countrywide celebration that features the singing of Christmas carols, attending midnight masses in cathedrals and thereafter savoring the local delicacies as per the region. Now coming to the fashion aspect, in states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, women can be seen wearing sarees, whereas in the North Eastern states, girls wear gowns and Western casuals. People come out in numbers and participate in religious congregation in various local cathedrals that run special prayer services from morning till late midnight. The girls are usually in Western outfits that consists of Indo Western gowns in white, cream or blue whereas the women can be seen in traditional Indian sarees and kurtis. Men are mostly in formals while attending prayers at the church. Overall, it is a celebration of new life, and the good things that life has to offer. It is a festive atmosphere all over India, and people can be seen in a cheerful mood during Christmas and the entire week till the end of the year.

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