This story is about an Indian boy named Jayakrishnan ‘Jay’, studying and working in Munich, Germany, falls in love with beautiful Bavarian girl, named Franziska Schonenberger. Both of them are ‘made for each other’, as they possess a great understanding and camaraderie that is quite unfamiliar with inter-country couples. This documentary series was aired on German TV channel ‘DW’ on 2016, and gained a huge TRP. This relationship was like “East meeting West” in its full splendor and glory. The Indian boy, who is a resident of Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, a relatively small coastal city, is the only child of the family. His mother (Amma) was quite skeptical about this relationship, and was quite unsure as to where this relationship was going, whereas his father (Appa) was a neutral person. In fact Jay’s mother is more vocal out of the two, and shared her views and thoughts about this future marriage. If she had to say anything, she says it straight and upright. She is a homemaker, and in this documentary she is seen wearing a traditional silk saree, a Kanjivaram saree to be precise with bright colors and gold zari borders. She performs all the household chores, starting from early morning prayers to cooking food at house. This is the true quality of an Indian housewife or a homemaker, who does all the work by herself, be it cooking, washing or cleaning.


Munich, Germany to Cuddalore, India

Franziska, the beautiful German bride is a student at University of Film and Television at Munich, Germany, and she falls in love with Jay, who is an artist by profession. She visits India with her father and mother, to the home of her fiance, in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. They are greeted and welcomed by Jay’s parents in their home, which is picturesquely located in the sleepy little town, and soon Franziska’s parents feel the warmth of Indian hospitality. They (the guests) get themselves acquainted with the Indian style of life, food, dressing, customs and traditions; upon arrival, which was something of an ‘out of the blue’ experience for them. Soon, we find Jay’s mother showing Franziska’s mother, the way she cooks, and also the traditional Indian clothing draping style, which is a south Indian silk saree that is she is wearing. Even Franziska’s mother adorns one such beautiful Indian saree which is colorful, and that looks extremely gorgeous on her. They are taken around the city – to the local market and even to the local Hindu temple, for a getting a glimpse of true India and its people, culture and cuisine. This trip ends with Franziska’s parents returning to Munich, Germany along with Jay and their daughter, after their brief stay in Cuddalore, India. So, indeed it was a happy ending!

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