India is known for its colors, flavors, cuisine, history, heritage  culture, customs, rituals and festivals; that are endless, and can view them in full splendor and glory, all under one roof, during fairs & festivals. During the festivals of Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja, Dussehra, Lohri and Teej; village fairs are held throughout the country, and people from all walks of life come together, celebrating the true spirit of this magical nation. India resides in its villages, and it all comes alive during festivals. A village fair is one place where a person can witness the true colors and flavors, that Indian is known for, throughout the world. The women folk in particular are dressed in colorful attires, especially in salwar kameez and its variations. In the northern part of India, in Punjab, Haryana, UP and Delhi, girls wear Patiala suits, whereas in the southern states like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, girls basically wear ghagra choli with a netted dupatta. In the eastern part of India, both young girls and women can be seen in traditional Indian sarees, that are colorful and come in a variety of fabric material. This is all about costumes and attires that the women folk wear during village fairs, where locals enjoy lots of activities, games, food and traditional folk music that are to be seen and heard everywhere.


It is a Display of Colors and Glitters

The flavors of the local cuisine and the bright colors as well as glitters of the attires that the men and women wear during Indian village fairs and festivals, catches the attention of all city dwellers. The red, green and yellow salwar suits with zari and sequin embellishments, along with the dupatta is the standard attire of every Indian girl, especially in the rural towns. The silk sarees and the Bandhani sarees in riot of colors, prints, motifs and embroidery pattern, be it in resham, sequin or mirror, add to the uniqueness. The exquisite costume designs and the pristine quality fabric, surely grab eyeballs of all traditional and ethnic wear lovers, who come to a village fair, with the sole intention of capturing the real images of India. Such traditional stuffs can only be seen at an Indian village fair, and today, big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur too are organizing such local festivals and fairs, to make the younger generation in the cities, aware of the ethnic cuisine and flavors. This is real India in its full glory, and it is a fair or a festival that brings to the life, the rich and diverse essence.

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