Young college going girls in India are now increasingly opting for casual attires that best describes their fashion statement, and at the same time look colorful and trendy. It is body hugging leggings in bright colors, that actually brings about that lively and cheerful feel to a girl’s wardrobe. A majority of Indian girls are now opting for these soft and bright colored leggings, to portray a soothing look. They wear it with kurtis, crop tops and salwar suits in a multitude of places, be it a workplace, party, festival or a wedding. One such outfit, is the shimmer leggings, that looks really classic in appeal. They go about describing the ‘feel good’ factor of a girl, who is at her best in a casual attire. These colorful shimmer leggings are perfect for parties and festivals, where a woman wants to look trendy and at the same time colorful. Colors like beige, cream, mauve and pink are the hot favorite among girls who want to portray an elegant look, and these leggings, definitely go about increasing the style quotient of an Indian girl or a woman.


Colorful Leggings and Cigarette Pants

Today, the wardrobe of an Indian woman is incomplete, without a couple of pair of leggings, that looks really elegant, chic and soft. The body hugging aspect of this women’s casual wear, also brings about a sensual appeal, which is loved by all young girls. A young Indian girl can now look for something really ‘classic’ as well as ‘casual’ in the form of a legging, that goes on to increase her style and fashion appeal. The tight fit and body hugging design is what attracts all ethnic wear lovers, who want to look trendy, yet traditional. So, it is a shimmer legging with a kurti top that reveals the fashion statement of a city girl in India, that dresses up for the occasion in the most elegant manner. The array of colors and design is sure to create a wonderful effect in the wardrobe of a modern Indian girl, that always look for something designer in appeal. It is a legging, cigarette pant or an Indian style churidar that is sure to impress all traditional fashion lovers and style freaks.

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