India is a rich and diverse nation with variations in culture, religion, ethnicity, tradition, rituals, cuisine and customs that have their own way of celebration and presentation. An array of colors can be seen in almost all regional festivals, weddings and parties that has an ethnic stamp throughout. Be it fashion, cuisine or customary rituals, India is unique in every aspect. No other nation in the world can match India when it comes to diversity and tradition. When you set foot on this magical land called ‘India’, you witness an explosion of colors, fragrance and jaw dropping visuals that you never witnessed anywhere else. So, India can be best visualized through its numerous festivals, street food and weddings that showcase the best of traditional fashion clothing and regional delicacies that are typical in taste, flavor and aroma. North India has different set of traditions and fashion when compared to southern part of India, and similarly, the Hindus have different sets of customs and rituals when compared to Christians or Sikhs. Therefore, you can well make out, that the colors of India differ from one region to other, as well as from one community to the other. One can come to this nation anytime of the year and witness its traditional splendor, grandeur, colors and celebrations that happen almost all the year round.


Indian Fashion and Food

Traditional Indian fashion clothing is characterized by some popular attires that is worn in cities as well as in villages across India. The most popular are sarees, salwar kameez, kurtis and lehenga-cholis that look outstanding on Indian women and girls. Here, we are only talking about women’s wear, as this particular segment has lots of variations and styles. Go to any village or for that matter a city in India, and you get to see bright and rich colors on fabrics that are certainly, eye-catching. The prints, colors, dye, thread work and embroidery, all presents a wonderful visual that is hard to turn away your eyes. In villages, girls mostly wear salwar kameez, whereas in cities it is kurtis that are preferred by all fashionable women, apart from the evergreen Indian sarees that are worn on practically every occasion, rituals and festivals. Be it Diwali – the festival of lights, or Holi – the festival of colors, India is truly amazing in its rich traditions, customs and culture that present a unique experience to international travelers and tourists who come to experience the natural colors of life. India is truly a country that is worth experiencing, a million times.

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