Coorg in southern Karnataka is referred to as the Scotland of India, and it is here you get to see the coffee plantations that produce the best quality coffee beans in the whole of Asia. The beautiful weather of Coorg is perfect for holidaymakers and honeymooners, who want to get that European feel while in India, and it is the Kodagu region that provides them that scenic ambiance, which is truly breathtaking and spectacular. The Coorg region is also known for its exotic cuisine and traditional Kodagu fashion, which is typical of the Dakshin Kannada region, which brings to the forefront, the best of local flavors and dressing style. Coorgi fashion is somewhat unique and different from the rest of Karnataka, as the drape of a saree that a woman wears is easily identifiable due to its horizontal neckline style and a cotton/silk turban on the head. This Kodagu style saree drape is unique in every aspect, as a young college going girl, a bride as well as an elderly woman wears it in the same style and manner. It involves tucking of the pleats at the back of the waist, and the end of the silk saree is below the left shoulder, while it is secured on the right shoulder in the form of a tight knot called ‘molakattu’. This is truly unique in every aspect!


Kanjivaram or a Mysore Silk Saree

It is usually a Kanjeevaram silk sari or a Mysore silk sari that a woman wears at home, and also on special occasions like weddings and festivals. You can see a Coorgi woman in her full splendor and aura, during the time of Dussehra, as this is the main festival in this region. On occasions like these, you witness a riot of colors on fabric, such as green, blue, purple and orange that is to be seen everywhere on the streets of Coorg and Madikeri. The young girls in their traditional Kanjivaram silk sarees is truly a spectacle to watch, as they come out in numbers to celebrate this grand festival. Even Kodagu weddings are a perfect place to witness the best in Coorg style saree drape, which is typical and unique, and totally different from the rest of India. The silk sarees have ornate embroidery work done in zari thread all over the bodice and on the borders, and the ‘dhoti and robe’ style drape is what attracts all ethnic fashion lovers. So, if you are in Mysore during Dussehra festival, try visiting Coorg and soak into the local festive atmosphere, cuisine and fashion, apart from the scenic beauty, that is bound to mesmerize any travel bug who is out to explore something new.

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