Rajasthan is well and truly the place to be, if you are in India for the first time and want to explore its vibrant colors, rich traditions, grand festivals, mouthwatering food and friendly people. And what better, when it is the world renowned Jaisalmer Desert Festival that is held every year in the month of February. This city in Rajasthan is also referred to as the Golden City, due to its vast expanding sand dunes and forts, that depict a golden color when the strong rays of the desert sun falls directly on them. The grand sandstone forts, havelis and traditional Rajput heritage homes in the city of Jaisalmer, turn into golden yellow color when the bright sun rays descend upon them. It is in Jaisalmer, that tourists from all over the world come during the month of February to experience the vibrant colors of India, which is on full display in the form of clothing, architecture and cuisine that makes Jaisalmer, really unique in every aspect. The sight of camels, village fairs, traditional sweets and country girls dressed in traditional Rajasthani attires, are actually showstoppers for all international tourists. This is what they come to explore and treat their eyes with, as Incredible India, especially Rajasthan is like an icing on the cake.


Traditional Fashion and Culinary Delights

Rajasthan is known for its colorful people, wearing the best of traditional attires, which is in the form of lehenga cholis and lehenga sarees, that are the preferred outfits for Rajasthani women. Apart from the fashion clothing, it is the custom jewelry in the form of bangles, earrings and nose piercings that the village girls wear in festivals and fairs. Here, in the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, one can witness the best of traditional Rajasthani dressing, that mainly consists of an upper costume called choli in half sleeves that have ornate embroidery and prints, and the lehenga or ghagra, which too has elaborate thread work, prints and designs on colorful fabric material, that instantly catches the attention of all. The elderly women in the cities mostly wear sarees and the men folk in their traditional colorful safa or pagdi, dhoti and kurta, which is mostly in white. Similarly, it is the local cuisine or Rajasthani thali that consists of a sumptuous meal, mostly vegetarian and occasionally non-veg. In fairs like the Jaisalmer Desert Fair and Pushkar Fair, one can taste special Marwari sweet dishes and Rajput meals which consists of sabji (vegetables cooked together), bhaji (fried vegetables), dal (lentils), chapatis (round wheat pancakes), achaar (fermented pickles)and various local sweet preparations. Try being at Jaisalmer during this time of the year, and enjoy the best of sights and sounds of an authentic Indian fair.

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