Desi means country, and here in India, the term “Desi” is referred to as something traditional, ethnic, rural/rustic and pure. It can be in the area of food/cuisine, music, culture or fashion. It is basically food and fashion, that identifies an individual or a community in a certain region. In rural India, people have different conceptions and notions about fashion wear, but cuisine is something that is inherited from the family. Anywhere in rural India, you find that ‘desi’ or rustic look among the village folk, who are in their colorful attires and costumes, be it the Bandhani sarees, ghagra cholis, salwar kameez or Patiala suits. Even their cuisine is identified through the use of rich flavors and colors, that is typical of rural India, especially in the villages of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan or Bengal. One can see the diversity in the form of bright colors, strong flavors and lip smacking country food items, that instantaneously catches the attention of all. It is the fashion statement of the Desi girls that creates a colorful ambiance, with their embroidered cholis, lehengas, dupattas and sarees, creating a wonderful effect upon onlookers. So, you ought to be in a village fair or in a village wedding to get to see that rustic or desi look, which is on full display.


Village Weddings and Fashion

The rituals of a wedding are almost the same, and here in rural India, the ‘Desi’ element is always present in the bridal functions, that makes one such wedding different and unique. Starting from the food to fashion, everything seems bright, rich and colored. Even the desi Indian bride in an Indian saree, or for that matter a lehenga choli, looks absolutely colorful and glittering with the use of sequins, mirrors, glass and beads, apart from the gold zari work on fabric, which wears a festive look. The bride is either in a lehenga choli or in a bridal saree, preferably a Banarasi or Kanchipuram silk saree, that makes her look awesome. Similarly, it is the local cuisine and customs that defines the traditional style of an Indian village wedding, which is very ethnic and rustic in appeal. In the state of Bengal, the desi Indian bride has to be in a saree, whereas in states like Punjab or Delhi, the girl has to be in a lehenga choli, that features heavy and elaborate embroidery. The outfits are prepared by the local artisans, with not so much of perfection, but at the end of the day, it is the colors, flavors and taste that matters the most. This is all about desi Indian customs, cuisines and fashion that needs no introduction.

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