Shantiniketan in West Bengal is one of the prominent places of culture, education, fine art and festive celebration, as it has earned the reputation of being the cultural hub in the far eastern state of Bengal. This particular place was established by poet and Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore and today it is one of the finest institutions of learning, knowledge, art and culture throughout India. Shantiniketan is also known all over India, for a special festive celebration, and that is Holi or Dol (in Bengal) which is played with immense festive fervor, and most importantly with natural colors and fresh flowers, which is something unique. Students of the Vishwa Bharati University, locals as well as inter-state tourists come here every year to witness this colorful spectacle, as both girls and boys are in their traditional attires, while celebrating this festival of colors, which usually occurs during the month of March. The girls and women are in brightly colored cotton and handloom sarees, especially in yellow colored sarees, and the boys in traditional kurtas and white pyjamas while playing with colors. They celebrate Holi or Dol throughout the day in the university campus, which is a sprawling green campus with shady trees and well maintained gardens. This event is certainly one of a kind that attracts travelers from far and wide.


Colors and Attires

The festive atmosphere is to be seen everywhere, during this time of the year, as all roads leads to Shantiniketan, where the real fun and enjoyment starts. It is folk songs, dance, local cuisine and traditional attires that are to be seen, which is a treat for the eyes. The natural colors smeared on the faces of the young boys and girls, flowers decorated on the braid of the girls and the colorful traditional attires, are a wonderful spectacle, which easily attracts, both local as well as inter-state tourists. It is the women folk that look really elegant in their traditional attires, mainly sarees and white salwar kameez with colorful dupattas that the girls wear. This is truly a festive celebration of a kind, as the entire state of Bengal celebrates Dol in a big way, and it is Shantiniketan which is the hub of activity due to its unique celebration style. You too can witness and be a part of this colorful extravaganza, during the time of Holi, which is referred to as Dol, here in West Bengal, India.

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