Durga Puja is the most important festival of Bengalis in India, who predominantly reside in the state of West Bengal, and also in the states of Odisha and Assam. This festival is mostly celebrated in the month of October, as per the Tithi or date in the Hindu Calendar. West Bengal is fully decked up during this time of the year, as there is the air of festivity and celebration all around, especially in the state of West Bengal. People, especially the women folk start preparing for this annual festival at least a month ago by shopping for sarees, salwar kameez, kurtis, Anarkali suits and Patiala suits that are to be adorned during the five long days of celebration, when everyone is in their newest of attires, starting from fashion clothing to fashion accessories. People are in a festive mood throughout the week of Durga Puja, and they decorate their houses with new furnishings, and shop for sweets and various other commodities. It is traditional Bengali fashion that dominates the scene during these five odd days when everyone tries to look beautiful, unique and different from the crowd. It is the Bengali girls in the villages as well as in the cities that adorn gorgeous silk sarees, Baluchari sarees and authentic cotton sarees produced in the hand-looms of Bengal. So, this is certainly a spectacle of some sort which cannot be missed at any cost.


Traditional Indian Fashion – Bengali Style

Bengalis love wearing traditional sarees for special occasions like weddings and festivals, and when it is Durga Puja, the view is spectacular on the streets. Young girls, newly married and the elderly women are all dressed in traditional sarees, especially in Tant, pure silk and Baluchari sarees that are the most popular among Bengalis. Some young women even wear Banarasi sarees during the evenings while with friends and family members at Durga Puja pandals, which are the hub of activities. You see a riot of colors in these Puja Pandals where everyone congregates and pays their respect to Goddess Durga. Men are equally decked up in traditional clothing such as kurta pyjama or in Dhotis that look awesome for an occasion like Durga Puja, where everyone seems to be in their traditional attire. But overall, it is the Indian saree adorned by the young girls and women that look classic in appeal. The colors, fabric, design and embroidery patterns looks absolutely stunning on an Indian woman who is really sweet and naturally gorgeous looking. So, Durga Puja is the time of the year to be in Bengal, to get a first hand experience of traditional Bengali fashion and cuisine.

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