Mysore in Karnataka is the place to be during Dussehra every year, as the spectacle is worth viewing at the historical Mysore Palace which is a show of colors, flowers, lights, grandeur and greatness. This place in south India comes alive during this time of the year, when people from all over Karnataka and from across the country, come to the city of Mysore to witness a grand spectacle which consists of elephants, horses, cavalcade, and men as well as women dressed in traditional attires and costumes, parade through the streets. It is a sea of humanity at this historical palace where the Dussehra procession starts in the morning and ends in the evening. Everyone are in their traditional outfits, as the elderly men folk adorn white dhoti suits, tops and white silk turbans with gold border, while women can be seen wearing colorful silk sarees with fresh flowers on their heads. It is a truly festive atmosphere everywhere in this temple city, as men, women and children come out in numbers to witness the Dussehra celebrations and be a part of it. Local cuisine is also savored by families at home, where the women prepare tasty sweet dishes, including the traditional sweet ‘Mysore Pak’ and ‘Payasam’ which is an all time favorite.


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Dussehra in Mysore is a grand celebration where every individual participates in it, making it a truly colorful spectacle. In the evening, the world famous Mysore Palace is lit up beautifully which is something worth viewing. The glittering lights make the entire ambiance even more bright and visually appealing, as the people come to see the grandeur, aura and magnificence associated with this festival. Every Hindu swells in pride to witness this great show of royalty and grandeur associated with this regional festival. The women dress up beautifully, some in traditional Kanjivaram silk sarees, whereas some in pure Mysore silk saris. You also get to see Coorgi women, wearing their silk saree in traditional Kodagu style saree drape, which is really unique in appearance. A first time tourist to Karnataka must visit Mysore during Dussehra for exploring its rich colors and diversity, which is on display in a mega scale. Dussehra is an important Hindu festival, signifying the win of good over evil, and here in Mysore, it is a celebration that is worth viewing.

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