Gold has always been the fascination for Indian women for ages, as this precious metal is the first love for every Indian girl who is about to marry, and also for the newly wedded as well as housewives. This precious metal is not alone, along with it comes various attires and accessories, that elevate the beauty, aura, charm, elegance and grandeur of this yellow metal, which is the desire of all. Today, one can view the beautiful attires that compliment the charm of gold, and an Indian woman can buy a whole new range of accessories and fashion clothing, especially a saree or a bridal lehenga that matches best with traditional Indian jewelry. Brightly colored and heavily embroidered attires matches beautifully with gold ornaments, and it is traditional clothing like Banarasi sarees, Kanjivaram sarees or the Kasavu silk saree that looks exceptionally gorgeous with gold jewelry. Gold is in huge demand during the Hindu wedding season, and along with it comes the beautiful bridal clothing, that acts as an icing on the cake. Every Hindu wedding is incomplete without gold jewelry, and apart from that comes the wedding sarees and lehengas, that perfectly complement each other.


Gold & Gold Bordered Sarees

Apart from gold jewelry, it is the bridal attires which are equally important during a Hindu wedding, that have a hint of this precious yellow metal in their bodice too. The bridal sarees have gold zari borders, especially the Banarasi and Kasavu sarees, which look exquisite in appeal. But here I’m talking about the traditional Indian attires that go well with gold ornaments, and it is mostly a saree and a bridal lehenga that look absolutely gorgeous. Gold is a priceless metal and to compliment its beauty, comes various other attires and clothing, that look absolutely gorgeous. So, if you are planning to buy gold ornaments for your wedding or for any major festival at home, it has to be matched by a traditional Indian clothing like an Anarkali suit or a bridal saree which looks perfect for the occasion. Gold comes with its own style and aesthetic appeal, and to match its beauty, the attire has to be equally sophisticated, gorgeous and elegant. It is undoubtedly the Indian sari that emerges as the winner, as it matches exceptionally well with gold.

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