Lord Shree Hanuman is a highly revered Hindu God in India and Nepal, whose birth is celebrated across the country as Hanuman Jayanti, by all his ardent followers and worshippers. It is celebrated on a massive scale in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal, apart from Nepal. This day falls every year in the month of Chaitra, but the Tithi (date) differs as per Hindu calendar. It is a proud moment for every Hindus, here in India who celebrate this occasion with immense religious passion, festive fervor and divine sentiment. Hanuman temples across India, celebrate the birth of the Lord in a grand way by offering prayers, flowers and sweets to the God. This festival is highly revered by all Hindus, who worship Lord Bajrang Bali or Hanuman, to get rid of all troubles, miseries, worries and bad luck, as this god is known to be the reliever from miseries and misfortune. The local temples are colored in saffron, with saffron flags all over the place. Devotional songs are played throughout the day and worshippers throng the temples to offer their obeisance and prayers to the lord almighty. Women and children are dressed in colorful clothing, and it is the women, who adorn traditional attires such as a festive saree, in red and orange color.


Utter Devotion to the Lord

This day is celebrated across the length and breadth of the country with intense passion, that is clearly visible in the form of large processions, taken out by local Akharas, and by worshiping the deity in temples. Ladoos and other sweets are offered to the lord, and his followers throng the temples, early morning with flowers, fruits, sweets, garlands and incense sticks. The priest of the temple chants religious hymns and mantras, that are repeated by their followers. Men, women and children can be seen in colorful attires, mostly in bright colors, as the women folk are in red, orange and yellow Georgette sarees, that look really colorful. It is a display of traditional Hindu customs, rituals and tradition that are devoutly followed by all Hanuman bhakts who turn out in large numbers. The beating of drums and the tunes of the devotional songs in praise of the lord, fills the air, especially in rural and semi-urban India. It is saffron everywhere, and that is how it should be for a staunch ‘Bajrang Bali’ follower, who swears by this color, which is considered really auspicious for all Hindus.

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