India is a land of religious diversity, and one can witness the best of festive fashion and colors associated with any Indian festival of a particular community. Be it Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami, Ram Navami or Navratri of the Hindus, Baisakhi and Guru Parab of the Sikhs or Christmas of the Christians, you see the vibrant colors that depict true India. These colors are best represented by food, flowers and fashion that blend beautifully and compliment each other perfectly. Indians are well aware of the latest fashion trends, and they dress accordingly for a particular festival. Here in India, festivals like Diwali and Navratri bring with them joy and happiness which fills the air with religious fervor, and during one such festival, you witness the colors of fashion that is out and present everywhere. The young girls and women are dressed in traditional attires such as Indian sarees, salwar kameez, kurtis and lehenga cholis that are in bright colors and have elaborate embroidery work throughout the bodice. Along with the core outfit, comes the bridal jewelry that matches perfectly and compliments the beauty of the girl. So, it can be well said that Indian festivals are the best occasions to witness the colors, diversity and vibrancy of India that is to be seen everywhere.


Festive Indian Food & Fashion

No Indian festival is complete without food (local delicacies) and festive attires that brings about that exclusiveness, associated with one such festival. In Punjab, girls prefer wearing salwar kameez and Patiala suits during festivals like Lohri, Baisakhi and Guru Purnima whereas in Bengal, during Durga Pujas, Bengali girls prefer wearing sarees that looks really elegant and sophisticated. In southern India too, girls wear silk sarees and salwar kameez that perfectly matches with the occasion. Similarly in Gujarat, during the 9 days long Navratri celebrations, girls wear lehenga cholis or ghagra cholis while performing Garba and Dandiya dance forms. Food is also one aspect that attract and brings together all all gastronomic crazy Indians who love savoring local delicacies. In Gujarat it is the Dhokla and Khakra that is to be found everywhere, in Punjab it is Makki di Roti and Sarson da Saag, in Bengal it is the fresh water fish, prawn and mutton items, whereas in southern India it is the rasam, upma and uttapam that are lip smacking. Overall, it is a perfect amalgamation of food and fashion during any Hindu or Sikh festival which is typical of, both rural and urban India. Witness the true colors of India during one such mega festival that fills the air with joy and happiness.

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