India is known for its variety in silk, and there are exclusive stores that sells an array of silk fabric and attires that are exceptionally gorgeous and lustrous in appeal. Starting from the famous Mysore silk to the Chennai silk, India boasts of a wide variety of this fabric which is made into beautiful clothes, both for men and women. It is the sarees and kurtis, that are traditionally produced in the silk fabric which brings about an elegant feel to the wardrobe of a woman that always looks for something special and ‘out of the box’. The classic silk sarees of India are among the most preferred outfits for the Indian woman, who loves to adorn something special for occasions like festivals and weddings at home. The choice is huge, if you are a customer, as there are stores that sells Chiffon sarees, Georgette sarees, Banarasi silk sarees, Chennai silk sarees, Kanjivaram sarees or for that matter Bhagalpuri silk saris. Kalki Fashion is one such exclusive bridal fashion store in Mumbai, that sells a wide variety of designer sarees and designer bridal lehengas that are produced in pristine silk fabric with intricate embroidery. The bridal attires, especially the bridal saree is made from silk which definitely creates a ‘Wow’ appeal.


Pure 100% Mulberry Silk

In India, a majority of fashion attires are made from this high quality 100% pure and authentic Mulberry silk that is mostly cultivated in the state of Karnataka, instead of raw silk, which is prevalent in countries like China, Macau and Bangladesh. So, if you are looking to buy a pure silk Kanchipuram saree or for that matter a Banarasi saree, India is the place to be to get one for yourself. The pure silk is extracted from silk worms that feed on the Mulberry leaves, and grow into cocoons which ultimately gives out the natural silk yarn when boiled in water at a certain temperature. The silk silk varieties available in China and Korea are of inferior quality when compared to that of Indian silk. Mysore, in the state of Karnataka is one such place where you find the best quality silk, and it is the Mysore silk sari, which is known for its rich texture, smoothness, shine and lustrous appeal that is simply unmatched. The softness and smoothness of the fabric can be felt when you touch it with your hands, and that is where the difference lies between Indian silk and its Chinese counterpart. The Indian silk saree is definitely one of the best fashion clothing that a modern city woman in India can ask for, as it is wearable at parties, weddings and festivals in a gorgeous and elegant way.

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