India is a diverse nation, and it is this diversity and vibrancy which catches the attention of all Westerners, who come here in search of nirvana or moksha, and thus attain that peace of mind. Indian Hindu temples are brilliant examples of religious vibes, rituals and and age-old customs & traditions that purify your souls, and you come back for more. The early morning prayers, hymns & chants and the evening aartis with lamps or diyas, are a treat for the eyes, and one can explore the best of Indian religious traditions and holy rituals by visiting one such temple, anywhere in India. If you are in the southern part of India, it is the grand temple architecture that mesmerizes everyone, and when you are in the northern and western part of India, it is the elaborate ceremonies and rituals, that produces a divine feeling among all devout followers. Everything is pure, the prasadam or the food of the God, the scent of the burning incense sticks and the new attires that the worshipers wear while visiting one such temple. The women folk in southern India, usually wears colorful silk sarees, and when you are in a Hindu temple in the northern part of India, the women are in salwar kameez as well as sarees, and the young girls in kurtis and suits.


The Indian Spirituality and Divinity

The morning air in India is filled with religious hymns, chants and prayers, as there are Hindu, Buddhist and Jain temples, as well as Sikh gurdwaras, that pour out beautiful devotional songs and religious prayers. When you step in India, it is a feeling of divinity, and you can make out from the people here, as they are deep rooted in tradition,religion and customs. It is especially during festivals and religious occasions, this country comes alive with its rich colors, flavors and attires, that are to be seen everywhere. The women folk in particular, who participate in religious ceremonies, wear fresh, new and clean attires as that brings about the feeling of purity and divinity. They mostly wear colorful cotton and silk sarees with flowers on their tresses, whereas the younger girls wear fresh kurtis and salwar kameez, that also pour out that freshness and pure appeal. It is a show of devotion and praise for the Lord Almighty that is to be seen in every nook and corner of India, and this is even more visible during the festivals and religious occasions. The colors of the fabric, the aroma of the food and the fragrance of the flowers, are something that every Western tourist would cherish and remember, throughout his/her life.

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