Tussar silk sarees are considered the ultimate in beauty, comfort, style and elegance, as the soft silk fabric is perfect for producing sarees, that look really gorgeous and appealing in nature. This particular attire is traditionally produced in Bhagalpur (Bihar) and Malda (West Bengal). This distinctly identifiable traditional Indian saree is produced from a special specie of silk worm that produces even more softer fibre than the Mulberry silk, which is really pristine. A majority of women in Bengal wear this beautiful silk saree on special occasions, as it has zari embroidery work, done all over its bodice. It is known for its rich texture and natural gold color, as this variety of silk is produced in India, China, Japan and in Sri Lanka. The Cocoons are boiled in water, and thereafter the silk yarn is extracted, which is really soft and supple in texture. Indian Tussar silk sarees are of the finest quality, and in the recent times, it is the state of Jharkhand which has emerged as the largest producer of Tussar silk. Today, this saree is exported to many European countries and in the US, where there are lots of Indian and Sri Lankan buyers, who wear this beautiful Indian silk saree, which is really unique and classic in appeal. The Tussar silk weaving industry of Bhagalpur is almost a century old, and from here originates the famed Bhagalpuri silk sari.


The Soft Texture of Tussar Silk

Tussar silk has many varieties, and it is the softness and rich texture, that instantly appeals to the eyes. There are mega fashion clothing and ethnic wear stores in India, that sell a variety of silk sarees, and it is the Tussar silk saree with its design, color and embroidery variations, that instantly catches the attention of all. The beautiful sarees have gold zari embroidery work, that look absolutely pristine in style, and with the introduction of chemical dyes, the range of colors have significantly increased. Today, one can buy this colorful Indian silk saree at various handlooms emporiums that are scattered around the country, and also in mega fashion clothing stores online, that sell traditional Indian attires. This sari is probably the most elegant of all Indian outfits, apart from the Banarasi silk saree or the Kanjeevaram saree, that are considered the pride of any Indian woman’s wardrobe. States like Jharkhand, Orissa, Bihar and West Bengal are the largest producers of this silk, and it is quite evident from the attires, that the locals wear on festivities and on weddings.

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