Indian weddings are always colorful and grand, as it represents bright colors, mouthwatering cuisine and intricately crafted attires, that look special for the occasion. Bridal fashion always holds the key, as there are exclusive bridal fashion clothing stores, that showcases a myriad of designs, styles in fabric that look perfect for an auspicious occasion like a wedding. In India, weddings are always special, since it marks a new chapter in the life of a bride and a groom. So, everything has to be in a grand scale, be it the food or bridal clothing. In fact, the two core aspects of any Indian Hindu wedding are characterized by local cuisine and ethnic bridal wear, that is absolutely mandatory. Today, Indian brides are more conscious about their fashion statement, and they go about choosing their own bridal attire which has to be unique and different from the league. It can be the bridal saree or a bridal lehenga that a bride wears for her special day, and that has to be eye-catching from the word ‘go’.


Embroidered Bridal Saree

This humble outfit has transformed over the years, and today it is the preferred attire for women in India during special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and evening parties. In eastern and southern part of India, it is an Indian saree that forms the core of any bridal or wedding outfit. In states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra, brides prefer the Kanjivaram silk saree, whereas in Kerala, it is the Kasavu silk saree with golden borders that is the first choice among all Malayali brides. When you come to Bengal, it is the red Banarasi sari, which is the ultimate choice for all Bengali brides who look fabulous in this gorgeous outfit, that has heavy and rich zari embroidery patterns. A traditional Indian sari is always the first choice for all Indian girls who want to make their fashion statement count, and a wedding is an occasion where a bride gets the opportunity to showcase the best of her wardrobe collection.


Indian Bridal Lehenga and Choli

In North India and in some parts of Western India, it is the gorgeous lehenga choli that forms the core bridal attire. The heavy and ornate embroidery as well as the embellishment patterns, makes the bride look exceptionally beautiful and stunning in appeal. Today, brides prefer designer lehengas from big fashion houses and fashion brands which clearly stands out in the crowd. The use of pristine quality fabric material, rich colors and zari threads in embroidery, give one such bridal outfit that class, elegance, grandeur and sophistication that is unrivaled. If you happen to be in a Punjabi wedding, you get to see the bright colors and intricate craftsmanship on the bridal lehenga choli that the bride as well as the bridesmaid adorn during the day of the wedding. The zari and zardosi embroidery work, apart from the lacework on the borders, give one such wedding outfit that aura and sublime class. The use of sequins, mirrors, resham thread and moti makes one such wedding attire even more pristine in appeal. You get to view a world of classic Indian bridal outfits when you are on the website of the top bridal fashion store that sells all under one roof.

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