Indian weddings are now becoming increasingly contemporary in appeal, thanks to the proliferation of Western influences, which is quite visible in the outfits and attires. Mostly, in the big cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh; people are seen wearing these classic European attires on the day of the wedding, that have some amount of Indian appeal. It is the women folk that love wearing something different, to look unique in the crowd, and it is an Indo Western gown that best reveals her charm and elegance to the fullest. There are designer stores like Kalki Fashion in Mumbai, that sells a world of bridal fashion clothing, both traditional as well as Westerns. It is a fact, that modern families in big cities are now letting their girls and women wear gowns on special occasions, and weddings are events when the bride as well as the bridesmaid wear such gorgeous and voluminous attires, that  actually help them look like beautiful princess. Now, since its India, there has to be that ethnicity in it, so these outfits are made keeping in mind that taste of clients. Today, one can find embroidered gowns and Indo Western gowns that are stacked on the racks of some of the leading fashion clothing stores in India, that sells designer stuffs for women.


Variety, Designs and Styles

When you visit the the website of one such designer fashion clothing store in Mumbai, you are overwhelmed to see the collection of gowns that are right in front of your eyes. It’s a confusing situation, which one to pick, and which one to leave out. The racks are filled with colorful, stylish, ornately done and fashionable bridal gowns and party gowns, that are exquisite in overall craftsmanship. Starting with elaborate lacework on the borders, to occasional embroidery patterns on the bodice, these designer gowns look absolutely stunning. Modern city girls, who are now looking forward shopping for their special day, must think about these gorgeous outfits that best reflects their overall fashion taste and style quotient. A majority of ‘would be’ Indian brides always opt for traditional bridal clothing like lehenga cholis and bridal sarees, but there is a section of people who want to look different and unique for the occasion. It is exclusively for them, stores like Kalki Fashion brings the best of designs and style in the area of drape gowns and Indo Western gowns with intricate embroidery, that look classic in appeal. Fashionistas in India and abroad can now look for shopping for both traditional as well as Western clothing online, from one such designer store, that sells it all.

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