Bhagalpur in the state of Bihar, is a small village-town that boasts of an ancient silk industry which has somewhat lost its sheen and is fast dying, and will soon go down the memory lane, becoming a part of history in textbooks. The Bhagalpuri silk saree is one of the most famed Indian attires which is from Bihar, and this traditional art dates back to the British rule in India, when every house had a personal handloom. Today, there are around 30,000 odd weavers left in Bhagalpur, creating magic on fabric, in the form of lovely prints, design and style, that surely creates a head-turning effect upon onlookers. One can view the beautiful prints, natural dye colors, fine weaving patterns and smooth fabric texture that makes one traditional such silk sari, really gorgeous and lustrous in appeal. In Bihar, any wedding is incomplete without this special saree, as the bride and other women in the family, wears this saree on every special occasion and ceremonies. Not just weddings, in festivals and receptions too, women wear this Bhagalpuri sari, to look beautiful and graceful. The premium quality silk like Mulberry and Tussar are used to produce this wonderful attire, that is completely created by hand in the private looms of artisans.


Quality Silk Fabric

What makes this traditional Indian attire even more sublime, is the pure fabric quality, which is soft, smooth and lustrous. This beautiful Indian silk saree features golden and resham thread work, which further enhances the beauty of this outfit. The prints includes floral, bird and animal motifs, that are actually very soothing to the eyes. The bright colors are all natural, and the fine silk threads are dyed before being fixed to the weaving loom. It takes around 10-15 days to create a saree, and these private handlooms run day & night to create one such classic Indian sari. One can choose from any array of prints, colors and specific silk type, be it Tussar, Muga or Mulberry. The Bhagalpuri sarees are definitely classic pieces of art that reminds everyone of the rich Indian art and history, that dates back to almost a couple of century. So, if you are planning to buy silk sarees online this festive season or for a wedding gift item, think about this beautiful attire, as it can surely impress all traditional fashion lovers.

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