Jammu and Kashmir is a jewel in the crown of India, and is rightly called the “Paradise on Earth”, simply because of its mesmerizing natural beauty and pristine landscape. This beautiful Indian state in the northernmost part of the country, borders Pakistan on the West and China to the East, and its beauty, both in the form of its natural landscape, as well as through its beautiful local people, are simply unmatched and unrivaled. No other place on planet Earth is as beautiful as Kashmir, courtesy; its snow clad mountain peaks, glaciers, valleys, rivers, gardens, orchards and lush green meadows that instantly catches the attention of all nature lovers. Places like Srinagar, Gulmarg, Gilgit, Skardu, Khilanmarg, Leh, Drass, Kotli etc. are worth visiting. Apart from all these, it is the beautiful local inhabitants of Kashmir, that best defines the splendor of this majestic land, and its rich culture, custom, cuisine and fashion which actually sets it apart. It is a Kashmiri wedding, where one needs to visit at least once, to get a taste of the local cuisine and traditional Kashmiri fashion, which is the essence of any wedding. A Kashmiri bride usually wears a lehenga choli for her special day, along with her heavy bridal jewelry, that looks absolutely imposing and stunning. This is truly a paradise like feeling by every means.


The Food and Fashion of Kashmir.

It is the food and attires, that sets Kashmiris in India apart, and it is this distinct identity, which makes this beautiful piece of land, in the northernmost part of India, a heavenly abode. The local delicacies like Wazwan, and traditional attires like Pheran, is what attracts all ethnic fashion and cuisine lovers. If you are in Kashmir for a holiday, try dressing up like a Kashmiri woman, in a Pheran which has zari embroidery on the neckline and around the pockets, as it is a traditional hand embroidered long gown type dress, that every Kashmiri woman wears on a daily basis and on special occasions like weddings and festivals. The zari and resham thread embroidery patterns on the front portion, are done with colorful resham threads, which looks absolutely mesmerizing. The young girls and women in Kashmir are dressed in the most fascinating way, and one can view the exquisite craftsmanship on fabric, that is quite evident through this Pheran, which is a long tunic type dress in coarse fabric material, and which has intricate thread work, in the form of interlock and stitches, creating different motifs. The bright colors of the fabric and the coarse fabric material, helps to stay warm in the bitter cold months, and above all it is the hand embroidery on fabric, that looks exquisite. Visit Kashmir anytime of the year, and take home some unforgettable moments and unfading memories.

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