This is a traditional Marathi style of draping a saree like men wear dhoti, which is also referred to as “Kasta Sari’, as the end of the sari is beautifully tucked at the back. Traditional Marathi women from almost all walks of life, drape a sari in this typical fashion, which clearly brings about that authentic Marathi feel. It is usually the Koli fishing community in Maharashtra that adorns a saree in this classic style, with the pallu being tucked at the back, and it has been depicted in various Bollywood movies too. The Kasta sari is usually a Kolhapuri silk saree in bright color that is handwoven in a loom, and the Koli women wear it while they perform their daily chores. Today, Bollywood celebrities, business women and even office executives wear a silk saree during festivals and parties in this unique drape, so as to ooze out a classical Maharashtrian look. The saree is tightly draped and the length of one such Kasta sari is nine yards to be precise. You get a glimpse of this unique way of dressing in local festivals, such as Ganpati, Gudi Padwa and Chatrapati Shivaji Rajyabhishek in Raigad district. The entire women folk in the villages of Maharashtra wear Koli style drape that was made popular during the time of the Peshwas.


Pristine Silk Fabric

The fabric material used in the making of one such classic Indian silk saree, can be anything from Bangalore silk to Belgaum silk, even Mysore silk. Today, a lot of teenage girls wear this saree in this traditional Koli style drape, to look like a true Marathi woman, on special festive occasions and wedding ceremonies. The bright colors of silk sarees adds to the vibrant appeal of a festival like Ganesh Chaturthi, which is a 11 day long celebration, throughout the state of Maharashtra. When you visit the coastal areas of Maharashtra, such as Raigad, Chiplun or anywhere else, you get to see that the women in the fishing community as well as in the farming community, wearing a Kasta sari which is actually a Koli style drape, that refers to the Koli fishing community in particular. So, if you are in Maharashtra during the festive season, especially during Ganpati, try wearing a typical Kasta drape, and get a true Marathi feel.

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