Kerala, also referred to as ‘Gods Own Country’, is a culturally rich and diverse state in the southernmost part of India, and from here originates several dance forms, that are renowned the world over. Kathakali and Mohiniattam are the two major classic dance style that belong to the state of Kerala. In this post, we would be extensively talking about ‘Kathakali’, which is an elaborate display of rich colors and costumes. This Indian classical dance is performed by male dancers or artists who wear custom outfits, made from pure silk and also adorn various other fashion accessories and custom jewelries. The dancer wears a mask, that is hand created over his entire face with naturally produced colors and with various other decorative craft material. Kathakali dance performance is a perfect blend and synchronization of music, choreography, hand gestures, facial expressions, and most importantly costumes (silk dhotis and silk sarees with gold borders) and makeup, that is typical and integral to it. This classic dance performance, is not just plain dance, but an enactment of a drama or an episode from the ancient Hindu folklore of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The garments that these dancers wear are made from pure silk with borders in gold zari threads and lace. It is really colorful, and even the makeup comprises of natural vegetable colors and extracts of plants.


Costumes and MakeUp are Unique in Style

In this traditional and classical dance form of Kerala, apart from Mohiniattam, the costume or dress that the dancer wears is typical and unique, which is different from every other classical performance. It is a complete physical transformation of the performer, after putting on that makeup, that is extensive, heavy, elaborate and voluptuous in appeal. Through the impeccable facial expressions, hand gestures or Mudras and dance style, a story or drama is enacted in front of the audience, that is outstanding in execution. The silk attires cut precisely to the requirement, beautifully compliments the traditional makeup, and that makes Kathakali different from all other classical Indian dance forms. The silk sarees are cut in a way to create certain typical costume designs that are integral to this performance, which is simply unique. Kerala stands out through this typical Indian dance, and it is the gorgeous attires in silk that make it even more pristine and grand. This is truly a spectacle to view, as the artists overwhelm everyone by their stunning stage presence, and most importantly by their makeup and typical attires, that are a treat for the eyes.

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