The ‘Khadi’ is typical of India, as this traditional fabric has a rich history, when Mahatma Gandhi boycotted Western outfits during the Independence struggle of India. It was a time when Western clothing was extensively proliferated by the haughty British Empire, especially by the East India Company, and brought to India from the mills in Manchester, England, and thus to counter it, Khadi was born. This outfit is now a fashion statement among all ethnic fashion lovers as well as fashion designers, who prefer pure cotton outfits, exclusively for every occasion, be it a wedding or a festival. Today, the modern Indian woman prefers wearing a Khadi saree or a salwar suit, firstly due to its comfort factor, and secondly due to its subtle style, which brings about a classic appeal. This fabric is now sold at various Indian fashion clothing stores, that deals exclusively in ethnic wear, as one can view some beautiful pure cotton sarees, salwar kameez and kurtis, that are made from Khadi. The popularity of this fabric material can be understood by the variety of clothing designs that are now available on the racks of some of the leading fashion clothing stores in India, and Kalki Fashion is one such reputable name, which is based out of Mumbai.


The Comfort and Style Aspect

This fabric is undoubtedly, the most comfortable clothing that one can choose from a variety of other fabric material, as it has got the moisture absorbability factor and thus produces a cooling effect. A khadi kurti or a salwar suit is a perfect everyday attire during the harsh summer months here in India, when the temperature rises above the 40 degree Celsius mark. Women in the cities prefer wearing a khadi sari during the evening parties and also during festive occasions, and they look really fashionable and stylish in them. The off white or light brown shade of the fabric with a border in a contrasting color, brings about that classic effect. It is mostly a saree that is produced from this particular thread and sold in various handicraft emporiums throughout India, and Indian women love buying a special attire that is produced from this pure cotton thread. So, you can well imagine the importance of Khadi attires in the life of every fashionable Indian, who has that pride factor, deep rooted in their heart. This Independence Day 2018, we take a resolve to buy traditional Indian outfits like a Khadi kurti or a salwar kameez, and boycott every other Westernized form of attires, and even those real ‘cheap’ items that come from third world countries like Bangladesh.

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