Ahmedabad: Enthusiasts flying kites various shapes of kites on the second day of International Kite Festival, in Ahmedabad on Monday. PTI Photo (PTI1_8_2018_000107A)

Gujarat is a land of colors and cuisine that best reflects in its festivals and rituals which is an amalgamation of bright colors and flavors that is hard to ignore. Every year in the month of January, kite enthusiasts gather from all over India and abroad to witness a wonderful spectacle that fills the air with vibrant colors of life. Kites of all size, shapes, dimension and design fill the skies of Gujarat, especially in the cities of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot and Gandhinagar. The International Kite Festival of Gujarat is one of the most important events which is participated by men, women and children. People come out of their houses in numbers, dressed up colorfully in traditional Gujarati attires. The women are mostly in silk sarees, and the young girls prefer wearing Western casuals, especially denims and T-shirts. This particular day of the year, you find people flying kites from their house rooftops and terrace throughout Gujarat, and the local government too organizes this annual Kite Festival on a mega scale. In Ahmedabad, the main event is organised in a large open space, where numerous kite flyers from all over the globe come and participate in this popular festival. It is simply a riot of colors in the clear blue sky of a cold January morning, on the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti.


Gujarati Food, Music, Dance and Attires

Here, in the International Kite Festival, one witnesses a grand spectacle which is an array of designs and shapes that fills the sky, and it is truly a spectacle that cannot be missed at any cost. Kite enthusiasts from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, USA, Netherlands and Japan come all the way to Gujarat every year, and experience the wonderful hospitality offered by the state and its colorful Gujarati people. They savor the local cuisine and delicacies during this time of the year, that is unique in taste. The international travelers also get a taste of Gujarati folk music that fills the air, and they also get a glimpse of the local dance form of Dandiya and Garba. Even the traditional attires worn by the colorful women of Gujarat during this day of the year, helps international travelers to know more about local fashion and the dressing style. It is embroidered sarees, salwar kameez, kurtis and lehenga cholis that are to be seen everywhere during festivals like these, and this showcases the true Indian spirit, both in the form of clothing and cuisine.The International Kite Festival of Gujarat is one of a kind which is a ‘must visit’ for every Indian as well as for international tourists. Be in Vibrant Gujarat and experience the authentic flavors of India.

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