Kuchipudi is a traditional Indian dance form, which originated in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, and this dance form has its roots well entrenched in religion. Its evidence can be found in certain religious texts as early as the 10th and 15th century AD in India. Today, Kuchipudi is performed in major Hindu temples on various religious occasions, especially during Krishna Janmashtami, as it is more inclined to the Vaishnavism sect of Hinduism, who are devout followers of Lord Krishna and his avatars. This dance form is predominantly performed by females on religious occasions in temples, dedicated to Lord Krishna, and the dancers wear elaborate costumes with fresh flowers on their braid, that make them look really gorgeous and beautiful. It is a colorful silk saree with with golden borders, that is worn by the dancer, with a pleated fan design in the front, and a golden kamarband (waist band) that looks really classic and elegant in appeal. The overall facial makeup is light, when compared to Bharatnatyam or Kathakali, but the rich colors of the fabric, fresh flowers and jewelry compliment the overall beauty of the female dancer. Jewelry can be anything from earrings to armlets, and the performer dances to the tune of Carnatic music that is played in the background.


Traditional Attires and Jewelry

In every Indian classical dance form, it is the attire that transforms the look of a performer, as the audience identifies a specific dance through the costumes and makeup. Here too in Kuchipudi, it is the traditional Kanjivaram silk saree that goes about enhancing the look of a dancer to many folds, as the drape style in the form of a dhoti, and the pleats on the front of the costume, add to the beauty of the girl. Flowers are also symbolic elements, as they ooze out freshness, which actually brings about a soothing feel. The jewelry items in the form of a necklace, earring, payal or ghungroo on the ankle and the hair jewelry, looks really outstanding in appeal. The performer who is adorning a colorful south Indian saree, preferably a Kanchipuram silk that has golden borders, looks really gorgeous in appeal, as if custom made for the dance performance. It is special occasions like traditional Hindu festivals and Hindu brahmin weddings, where this classical dance is performed, to thrill the audience and guests. So, if you are looking to witness something traditional in nature, it is Kuchipudi that can best satisfy your desires.

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