Here in India, the ‘Salwar Kameez’ is probably the bread n butter attire for every Indian girl or a woman, who wish to move around in style and in a comfortable manner. This fashion attire has been here for centuries, and over the years it has transformed, bringing in with itself newer variations and style. Today, this humble clothing has taken the form of an urban wear, where girls love wearing it for parties, weddings and also as daily use office wear, as it is real comfortable. The bright as well as soothing colors, prints, embroidery, lacework and cuts, best goes about defining a traditional Indian fashion outfit, which is preferred by city girls as well as village women. The design variations in an Indian salwar kameez are many, but the two most prominent ones are Anarkali suit and Patiala suit. These can be termed as the refined versions of the salwar kameez which was, and will be the evergreen daily wear for every Indian woman. There are so many different styles, such as the Palazzo suits, kurtis, tunic tops, cape suits, dhoti suits etc. which truly reveals that Indian appeal. This fashion attire is simply the Numero Uno choice among all fashionable ladies who love to define their style quotient and fashion statement in a positive way.


The Bright Colors and Beautiful Prints

A salwar kameez is always characterized by its simplicity and usability, which makes it a truly versatile attire for daily use, and also during special occasions in India. This outfit has undergone some clinical design changes over the years, and today it is a bit more sensual in appeal, enhancing the true feminine beauty and appeal. The cuts are a deeper than what it used to be in the yesteryear, and the embroidery work on the bodice, are now much more intricate, ornate and elaborate. Even the Patiala and Anarkali suits have undergone a sea-change, in terms of embroidery work, prints and cuts that look a shade more classic and gorgeous in appeal. This makes this traditional Indian attire special and unique in every aspect. The colorful prints on the fabric and the overall craftsmanship, defines a subtle appeal, which is apt for occasions and festivals. When you move out in the street, you view a myriad of designs and style, that are indeed eye-catching and soothing to the senses. It is therefore advised to give your wardrobe that makeover, which is simply outstanding in craftsmanship and style. This humble clothing which started has a household attire for women in India has now evolved and transformed into a designer wear, that has all the elements of tradition and ethnicity, embedded in it.

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