Lohri is one of the most popular Winter festivals in Punjab, predominantly celebrated by the Sikh community as well as by the Hindus residing in the state of Punjab. This festival marks the culmination of the Winter season in North India, and thus welcoming longer days of the year. It is celebrated on the day before Makar Sankranti, which is also a popular festival for the Hindu community. Men, women and children equally participate in Lohri festival across the state of Punjab with immense passion, religious fervor and enthusiasm. The Sikhs in particular celebrate this Punjabi folk festival with the lighting of bonfire in the chilly winter evening, and by singing songs and folk dances performed by traditional artists. Girls perform Gidda whereas the men folk perform Bhangra, wearing turbans and colorful traditional attires. The girls are mostly in colorful salwar kameez and phulkari dupattas which is the traditional attire for women in Punjab. It is mostly the Patiala salwar suits that the girls wear while perform Gidda, which is the local dance form of Punjab, apart from Bhangra that is performed by men. All Punjabis can be seen in traditional attires as they celebrate this festival with lots of enthusiasm, which comprises of dance, songs and local cuisine.


Food & Fashion

In this festival, it is local food and traditional Punjabi fashion that is to be seen everywhere, as people come out in numbers during the daytime, going to Maghi Melas (local fests) that are held across the state. They savor the local delicacies of Punjab such as Sarson da Saag, Makki di Roti, Muli da Paratha, Besan ke Ladoo, Gur or Jaggery which are the favorite local cuisines in every Punjabi household, especially during the winter months. Apart from the local cuisine, is the colorful traditional attires that both the men and women folk adorn during this folk festival. It is the women folk that dress-up beautifully for the occasion as a majority of girls and women wear Patiala suits in an array of colors such as yellow, pink, orange, blue and red. The young girls perform the traditional dance form called ‘Gidda’ which is a high energy dance by wearing one such traditional salwar suit which is handmade to perfection. They tie colorful parrandas on their hair which simply looks gorgeous. So, this Punjabi folk festival is a celebration of colors, light and food that is to be seen and savored everywhere.

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