Kerala is a magical destination with immense natural beauty and spiritual diversity, and no wonder why it is referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’ in popular tourism parlance. Everything is unique and beautiful here, starting from the natural ambiance, cuisine, fashion, local delicacies and festivals, that attracts travelers from far and wide. Right here, in this divine spiritual destination in southern India, originates this beautiful classical dance form of Mohiniyattam, which is a highly revered classical dance, that depicts the true beauty, elegance, grace and sensuality of an Indian woman. It was mainly performed by Devdasis in Hindu temples during the colonial era in India, and it has that abstract sensual element which attracts all. The unique attire that the dancer wears while performing this divine classic dance is purely traditional, and that happens to be a Kerala Kasavu saree, which is typical of this southern Indian state. This special south Indian saree has rich golden borders in single or double line, with the bodice of the saree in white, cream or off-white. No other type of saree is adorned while performing this classical art, during religious festivals at temples on occasions like Onam and Vishu.


Beautiful Expressions in Classic Attires

The beautiful dancer who performs this traditional dance form of Kerala, is in a saree with a matching gold bordered blouse, that definitely creates a stunning appeal on the audience. The costume which she wears is a plain white Kasavu silk saree with gold brocaded borders, that looks exceptional in style and design, which reflects a class of its own. The Mudras, hand gestures, facial expressions and eyeball movements in this classical dance are completely mesmerizing, along with the jewelry that the dancer wears during one such spiritual performance. She also wears a golden belt on her waist, which is a traditional jewelry from Kerala, that has intricate hand craftsmanship. But what catches the attention of all, is the traditional Indian silk saree and the round floral decoration on the hair, which oozes out a classic feel. The entire ambiance is stunning when the dancer performs this traditional art-form which is a perfect blend of grace, fashion and gestures, that definitely catches the attention of all art and fashion lovers. The white Kasavu saree is truly a piece of fabric that is admired by all those, who have a fascination about traditional Indian clothing, especially sarees that are perfect for festive occasions.


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