Assam is one of the most beautiful North Eastern states of India, that has a vibrant culture and tradition in the form of its cuisine, religion and fashion, that is unique in appeal. When you travel to this culturally rich state, you get to see its rich ethnicity that is quite evident through its apparels, attires and local cuisine that reflects an exclusiveness. It is here in Assam, that you get to buy the famous Muga silk saree which is classic in terms of design and craftsmanship. Today, this Indian saree is one of the most preferred fashion wear among women in east and north-east India, who adorns this saree on special occasions like Bihu, Durga Puja and also in traditional wedding ceremonies. Both girls and elderly women in the state of Assam prefers wearing this Muga silk saree which is specially woven from raw silk fabric, and the unique dark golden yellow color of this saree, makes it distinct and unique. One can find a myriad of embroidery patterns on this silk saree, that is specially done the pallu and on the border. This traditional Assamese attire along with the Gamosa and the Mekhala are few of the ethnic attires that women wear during festivals and weddings.


The Use of Raw Silk in its Making

In Assam, this particular Indian sari is characterized by its glossy texture, that is quite evident from its smooth surface and fine weaving patterns, that gives it an elegant, traditional and ethnic look. This traditional Assamese saree is perfect for wearing during festivals, as it provides an Indian girl that traditional look, yet very sophisticated in appeal. The use of red resham thread as embroidery on the borders and on the pallu of the saree, gives this outfit a traditional look, which is loved by all. The Muga silk sarees produced in Assam, are really very popular among girls in eastern India, especially in the states of Bengal and Odisha, apart from Assam and Tripura, where women prefer wearing this ethnic attire for special occasions,and look even more gorgeous and sophisticated. The golden hue of this Indian sari, along with the red thread embroidery in different floral, bird and animal motifs or patterns, gives this traditional attire that classic ethnic appeal, which is desired by all. The quality of Muga silk used in the making of one such outfit is pristine, and so is the craftsmanship, that produces a gorgeous feel to the saree. It is one of the most most beautiful looking traditional Indian saris, that is perfect for special occasions.

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