The Indian Parsi or the Zoroastrian community is one of the most flourishing and influential communities, though very little in number and unique in their customs, traditions, rituals, cuisine and fashion. This is quite evident when you visit a Parsi wedding or a festival like ‘Nawroz’ or ‘Navroz’, as you get to savor the local delicacies, as well as know about their unique dressing style and fashion. The Zoroastrian women in particular, wear a Chiffon or a Georgette saree in a typical robe like style with the pallu tucked with a pin on the left shoulder. The saree is basically white, off-white or cream in color with sequin and mirror embellished border throughout. The men on the other hand wear a loose fitting tunic dress which is also white in color with a black cap, most of the times. The saree that a Parsi woman wears is like a normal white attire which is wrapped around in a traditional manner along with a matching sleeveless blouse. Today, the dwindling Parsi community is somewhat facing an extinction, but still they are keeping their tradition and rituals alive. In India, they are mostly located in Mumbai, Navsari, Surat and Jamshedpur where they have been living for centuries.


The Attire, Food & Festivals

Actually, the Parsis are the original inhabitants of Persia (now Iran), and they brought with them, their rich customs and culture. Their unique way of dressing catches the attention of all ethnic fashion bloggers, as the Indian sari drape style is typical in nature. Along with the traditional white Georgette or Chiffon saree, they wear matching jewelry items, such as earrings and bracelets, that bring about that distinct appeal to a Parsi lady. Even the food that they prepare during weddings and festivals are distinct and unique. According to them ‘Egg’ is considered auspicious and their favorite dish is ‘Dhansak’ that is made by mixing mutton (goat meat) with a variety of lentils. So, you can well understand, why Indian is called a land of diversity, as here you find communities and ethnicity like the Zoroastrians in particular, that have their own way of living and dressing. Fashion, Festival and Food are always core to the essence of any community or ethnic group here in India, and the soft spoken, intellectual and educated Paris community is one such brilliant example.

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