Tamil Nadu is a coastal state in the southern part of the India, flanked by Bay of Bengal to its east and Indian Ocean to its south. This state has many festivals, and among them, the most important one is Pongal which is a yearly harvest festival, dedicated to the Sun God. It is celebrated in mid-January, and Tamils all over the world, especially in India and Sri Lanka, celebrate it with immense religious fervor. Thai Pongal is celebrated in appreciation to the Sun God for helping in a successful harvest. This starts with the boiling of the first rice of the season in earthen pots under open skies as a mark of respect to the Surya Devata or the Sun God. At home, people decorate their houses with flowers, apply fresh coat of paint and buy new clothes to celebrate this yearly harvest festival. The girls and elderly women wear colorful silk sarees and thereafter begin the preparations for the rituals and ceremonies in an extensive manner. It is the Kanjeevaram silk saree that is to be seen everywhere, along with the pure Chennai silk saree in bright colors and design.


Traditional Sarees in Pongal

In Tamil Nadu, especially in the rural regions, women wear colorful sarees in silk after taking early morning showers and visit the local temple for offering prayers. They start preparing for the rituals and ceremonies in the wee hours of morning. Every member of the house participates in one such religious function, which is really joyous and happy. It is a really fresh feeling to wake up early in the morning and get dressed in new clothes, especially in traditional Indian attires. Women all over Tamil Nadu can be seen wearing beautiful and colorful sarees in silk. Rice, milk and sweet dish are offered to the God after it is prepared in earthen pots by the women of the house. So, overall, it’s a colorful spectacle which is worth viewing if you are in Tamil Nadu during this time of the year.

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