Indian silk is known the world over for its rich texture, smoothness, variety and softness, that is simply unmatched in terms of quality. The fabric produced from Indian Mulberry silk, is regarded as the finest in its class, due to its superb texture, that ensures the best comfort to the user. In India, the best quality silk is produced in Mysore (Mysuru) in the state of Karnataka. It is obtained from fully grown cocoons of the silkworm, that are fed on Mulberry leaves, which is found in southern India. Today, one can buy the best quality silk fabric, from the government registered handicraft emporiums, which are located in almost every state capital. The silk that is produced in India, are woven in handlooms as well as in mechanized looms across the nation, and one can buy silk sarees, salwar kameez, kurtis and gowns, which are produced for this pristine quality fabric. A majority of Indian girls and women, now prefer attires and accessories made of silk, due to its elegant and glamorous appeal. It is mostly the Bollywood celebrities, that prefer dresses and outfits that are made from high quality Indian silk yarn, which instantly creates a ravishing appeal. It is something that brings about out a ‘Wow’ feel among all ethnic fashion followers.


The Smoothness and Richness of Fabric

Silk, especially which is produced in Mysore, Karnataka is of the highest quality, and traditional Indian attires made from it, truly stands out in the crowd. The smoothness, elegance, richness and lustrous appeal, associated with this particular fabric is simply unmatched. Two beautiful examples of this fabric, are the north Indian Banarasi saree and the south Indian Kanjivaram saree. Apart from these two, there are quite a few, such as the Tussar silk saree, Muga silk saree of Assam, Mysore silk of Karnataka and the Patola silk saree of Gujarat. When you visit a silk saree emporium, you find an array of beautiful prints and embroidery work on silk fabric, that instantly catches the attention of all. The elegance, aura and charm associated with one such attire, definitely stands out, and it is a saree or a salwar suit, that brings about that exuberance when you are among the elites. India is the best place to shop for your wardrobe, and it is online stores like Kalki Fashion, that showcases a world of designer clothing, in this pristine fabric.

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