Rajasthan, the land of kings, queens, princess and warriors is home to the famed Rajputana clan who possess exceptional fighting skills, and have tales of bravery written to their name. So, there is always the element of grandeur, customs and rituals in any any Rajput ceremony, function or festival. It can be a wedding or a religious occasion, and Rajputs always showcase it in a grand way. A Rajputana wedding is characterized by its lavishness, opulence and grandeur that is the central essence in one such traditional Hindu wedding, and the Rajputs (son of kings) do it in their very own signature style. A Rajasthani wedding is an example of an authentic Hindu wedding, as it has got all the rich and vibrant colors of life that is displayed in its culture, cuisine and attires. The Rajasthani women always prefer wearing traditional Indian outfits, and they look glamorous in a saree, be it a Bandhani or a hand embroidered saree or a traditional lehenga choli. A Rajasthani wedding involves a myriad of rituals and customs that is the core to any Rajput tradition, therefore you ought to be in one such ceremony to witness it all in front of your eyes.


Weddings and Bridal Fashion

A Hindu wedding is always a grand affair, and when it comes to a Rajput Wedding, sky’s the limit. Starting from food to fashion, everything is carried out in a lavish way without compromising a bit. The Rajputs have a fascination for traditional outfits and fashion jewelry that speaks class, elegance and sophistication of the highest order. It is the Rajasthani bride who always prefer wearing a hand embroidered lehenga choli during the day of the wedding, and also during the bridal reception party. Even the bridesmaid prefer wearing colorful lehenga cholis, and accompany the bride wherever she goes. Any Hindu wedding is characterized by various ceremonies, and in a Rajput wedding, it is rituals like Mehendi and Sangeet that sets the ambiance for the special day. During one such ritual, girls are in their best of wardrobe collection, and it is the bridesmaid lehengas, kurtis and salwar kameez that enhance the visual appearance to many folds. It’s a splash of colors and a blend of fabrics, apart from the intricate craftsmanship, that brings about a classic effect. All-in-all, it is the lavishness, pomp, splendor and aura in full display at one such grand Rajputana wedding that redefines Hindu wedding in an all new way.

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