Weddings in South India are characterized by numerous rituals, ceremonies and customs that are core in any Hindu wedding, and in states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka, it is simply grand in nature. What appeals the most, is the customary religious functions, food, music, dance and fashion that are integral to any South Indian wedding. Among all, it is the traditional fashion aspect that catches the attention of fashionistas, as elderly women and housewives adorn sarees, especially silk sarees in bright colors. In a Hindu Tamil wedding, it is the Kanjivaram silk saree that is to be seen everywhere, with a splash of rich colors and thin gold embroidered borders. Similarly, it is the flavors of local cuisine that can be smelled everywhere in a south Indian wedding, that mainly consists of the rasam, sambar dal, chutney, plain rice and poppadoms which are served hot on banana leaves. It is a unique experience and feeling to be in a Tamil or a Malayali wedding which is a riot of colors, flavors and traditional styles, that is ‘one of a kind’. In Kerala, Andhra and Karnataka too, weddings are grand affair with ceremonies starting at least a couple of days earlier in both the bride’s as well as in the groom’s house.


Traditional Fashion Galore

In Gods Own Country – Kerala, both the bride and the bridesmaid look exceptionally beautiful in the traditional Kasavu saree which features gold embroidered borders on full plain off-white or cream bodice. This special silk saree from Kerala is worn on all occasions, especially during festivals and weddings by young girls and elderly women. It oozes out a classic elegance, beauty and charm that is unparalleled, and the beautiful Malayali girl is at her all time best in this Kasavu silk sari. Similarly, in Andhra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu; girls basically wear the Kanjivaram sari which features bright colors such as bottle green, indigo blue and turmeric yellow with contrast colors, and has thin gold zari borders all along. This makes this saree so special in a Tamil, Telugu or a Kannada wedding which is quite similar in rituals and customs. Young girls and women can be seen adorning one such traditional south Indian attire that is really eye-catching and exquisite in appeal. The girls wear fresh flowers on their braid, apart from the solid gold jewelry that compliment the overall beauty of a Tamil or a Malayali bride. So, it is the fashion aspect, along with the food, music and customs that comprises of the core element of any Hindu wedding in the southern part of India.

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