The name says it all. Anarkali was a much talked about slave girl during the Mughal period in the court of Akbar, having an illicit relationship with Salim (Jahangir), the son of the Mughal emperor. The attire she (Anarkali) used to wear on a daily basis, as depicted in the famed Indian Hindi movie (drama) “Mughal-e-Azam” went on to become a trademark fashion symbol for all Indian and Pakistani girls. Legend says that the slave girl Anarkali was buried alive within two walls by the Mughal emperor Akbar, and it is in her fond memory, this classic Indian attire has been christened, as she wore it every time. Whenever anyone wishes to wear something purely traditional for a party, festival or a wedding in North India, it is this particular salwar suit that comes to the mind of all fashionistas and fashion lovers, here in the sub-continent. Unique in style and design, an Anarkali suit is always the preferred choice among all north Indian girls, especially in the states of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, when it comes to special occasions like weddings and festivals. The typical midriff compressed portion of this salwar kameez suit along with full sleeves, high collar/neck, long cascading fall, with a tight body hugging churidar in matching or contrast color, is what best describes an Anarkali salwar suit.


A Classic Masterpiece from the Mughal Era

You can view this attire, as bridesmaid wear it in Muslim weddings in major cities like Delhi, Lucknow, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Mumbai, or for that matter in any other big cities. Even Hindu girls wear this attire at parties and festivals, to portray a purely traditional Indian look. Today, one can find a lot of variations in this traditional Indian outfit with enhanced embroidery and embellishment work that bring about that exquisite charm. Some Anarkali suits are sleeveless, whereas some have extensive resham, sequin and mirror embroidery patterns, apart from the intricate zari/zardosi work. The incorporation of the best quality fabric material in its making and the use of rich colors, add to the gorgeous appeal.Some salwar suits have printed bodice, whereas some features beautiful floral embroidery. The use of silk, satin and cotton fabric material goes on to produce a pristine effect which is visually transforming. So, you too can give your existing wardrobe an aesthetic touch by having one such classic Indian outfit that oozes out charm, elegance and aura of the yesteryear.

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