The journey of the gorgeous Banarasi sari dates back to hundreds of years, when every Indian woman, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and financial status; took immense pride owning this piece of clothing. This classic silk sari was considered the ultimate wedding attire for brides, especially in north and east India, and still today, it happens to be the most important bridal wear for a Bengali bride, in the city as well as in the village. She adorns it during the day of wedding, and also during the day of reception. It has to be a Crimson Red or dark Maroon Banarasi saree that is absolutely mandatory for a Bengali bride to wear during her auspicious day. But during the day of the reception, it can be a pink, blue or green Banarasi silk saree, that brings about a gorgeous effect. This special bridal saree is characterized by elaborate zari thread work in floral and bird motifs, that surely catches the attention of all traditional fashion lovers, here in India. The zari embroidery pattern is usually carried out by silver zari threads that brings about that exquisite appeal and royal charm. It is elegance and beauty redefined in one such traditional Indian saree, which is considered the epitome of grandeur.


Intricate Craftsmanship in Pure Silk

One can easily make out the level of charisma, opulence and grandeur associated with this special bridal attire, that is rich in colors, ornate in craftsmanship and pristine in fabric quality. Every single bride in east India, dreams of wearing this pure silk saree at least once in their life, and which is probably, the day of her wedding. The more heavy the embroidery work, the more costlier the saree. Affluent families purchase the best of Banarasi sarees whose price range starts from something around 5000 INR and can easily go up to anything between 60,000 – 100,000 INR. The pricing solely depends upon the level of zari embroidery, craftsmanship and the quality of fabric material used in its making. Authentic Banarasi sarees comes from the traditional hand-looms of local artisans in the holy city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Here, saree weaving is a tradition among weaver families, as it is passed on from one generation to the other. This has assumed the status of a cottage industry in Varanasi, as there is an artisan’s village that has hand-loom in every house, making this splendid bridal sari. So, the next time you purchase a Banarasi silk saree for your loved ones, just think about the amount of passion and pain that went into its making.

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