Rajasthan, as the name goes, means the ‘Land of the Kings’, and it is rightly so, as this state in the north-western part of India is drenched in history, tradition, rituals, customs and heritage. It is clearly visible from the grand bridal attires, royal cuisine, rich colors, imposing architecture and colorful people that make this region, the most traveled place in the whole of India. The royal palaces, havelis, mansions and forts are typical of Rajasthan, as every region had its own king, ruler and emperor. They had their unique style of dressing and food, which was visible in their colorful attires, and even today both men and women wear outfits that are produced from pristine quality fabric. It is the women folk in particular that wear colorful silk sarees and printed sarees at typical Rajasthani weddings and parties to look gorgeous. Mostly, the elderly women in the cities, wear brightly colored Bandhani sarees in pure cotton and Georgette fabric, whereas in the villages, it is the lehenga choli with mirror and sequin embellishments that are to be seen everywhere. The royals and elites prefer sarees on special occasions, whereas the younger girls prefer salwar kameez and designer lehenga cholis for royal weddings.The men wear turbans and carry a sword, and this is a typical attire of a Rajput king.


The Colors and Flavors

The rich colors of this beautiful state in India is brought about by the special attires, especially the mirror, beads and sequin embellished ghagra cholis and printed Bandhani sarees, that the women wear. The brightly colored outfits in red, orange, pink and yellow are a true testament to the lively spirit of the Rajasthani people who are all colorful, in their typical party and wedding attires, which are simply spectacular. The printed sarees, embroidered lehengas, cholis and salwar suits are a wonderful spectacle, and when you are here on special occasions like Diwali, Holi, Teej and Dussehra, you witness a riot of colors on the street. The fashion accessories too, along with the outfits, go about describing the real feminine charm and aura of a Rajasthani woman or a bride, who wants to look really pretty and special. So, it is Rajasthan that offers the best of spectacle on religious occasions and festivals, where both local as well as international tourists come to witness a show of grandeur and royalty, that dates back to the Rajput Era.

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