The Tant is one fabric, which is known to every Bengali woman who wears this humble saree at home, and even at parties and weddings. It is a speciality of Bengal, as you find a Tant sari in almost every clothing store, in the state of Bengal. Tant is a pure cotton saree that is made in the handlooms of rural Bengal, and this is probably the most comfortable attire in the hot and humid Indian summer. It is mostly hand produced in the districts of Bankura, Murshidabad, Nadia and Hooghly where there are skilled artisans, that weave this cotton saree at home, in their private looms. The standard length of this Indian sari is 5.5 meters, and one can wear in almost every occasion, be it a festival at home, a private party or at a wedding, as it reveals a typical Bengali look. The Bengali girls and elderly woman wear this traditional Indian attire at home, and why not, as it is really comfortable during the hot summer months. This saree is woven from pure cotton threads, thus transparent and very light. The weavers of West Bengal are known for creating masterpieces in fabric,and a Tant saree is a brilliant example of this craftsmanship.


Bright and Soothing Colors

The colors of a Tant saree instantly catches the attention of all traditional fashion lovers who loves bright and soothing colors in fabric. The thick and wide borders, coupled with the cotton thread work on the body and on the pallu of the saree, in different motifs and patterns, is an added attraction. Extensive floral, bird and animal motifs on the fabric, looks really gorgeous, and the elegant Bengali women portrays a beautiful and sweet look in this traditional Indian cotton sari. Today, these sarees are made in power looms that are scattered across Bengal, and which creates a myriad of designs, prints and motifs in threads that takes hardly an hour to produce one such Typical Bengal saree. This traditional Indian outfit is deemed perfect for weddings and festive occasions like Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja, where the majority of women folk adorns a Tant saree, which is the first choice among all ladies, here in Bengal. So, if you are in West Bengal for the first time, and see a Bengali lady walking down the street wearing a colorful cotton saree, it has to be an authentic Tant sari from the looms of rural Bengal.

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