India is a vibrant nation, with unity in diversity being its strength, and that is beautifully showcased through its rich colors, traditions, customs and rituals that is to be seen everywhere. It is festivals like Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Navratri, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Pongal, Onam, Nawroz etc. where you get a taste of the rich Indian traditions and customs. It is the traditional Indian music and dance forms that dominate the scene during one such regional/national festival that has the colors of life and vibrancy. A tourist from abroad can identify India through its numerous dance forms that are predominantly performed by artists on special festive occasions and ritualistic ceremonies. For example, ‘Kathak’ is performed in grand weddings in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Kathakali and Mohiniattam in the temples of Kerala, Bharatanatyam in the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu, Odissi dance in the temples of Odisha and Kuchipudi in Andhra Pradesh. One thing that holds these folk dance forms together, is the traditional Indian clothing that are adorned by the dancers. In almost all Indian folk dances, a Saree is the main attire, except for Kathak, where the dancers wear classic Indian Anarkali suits that look beautiful. The humble sari is worn in different and unique styles while performing one such dance sequences at ancient Hindu temples.


An Exhibition of Colors and Styles

The traditional and folk dances of India are characterized by the rich colors of the fabric that the artists wear while performing them in front of a knowledgeable audience. Different states have their individual dance forms which reflect a signature style of its own, that is unique in execution. The traditional Indian silk sarees worn by the South Indian dancers are gorgeous, colorful and rich in texture, and along with the style of dressing and makeup, it is truly a grand spectacle. The rich colors of the fabric, make the entire ambiance really colorful which is certainly worth viewing. The floral decorations on the hair of the dancers, the traditional gold jewelry and the unique style of wearing the sari, is what attracts all international tourists. It is mostly the Kanjivaram silk saree and the Kasavu saree that is worn by the South Indian dancers who perform in ancient Hindu temples of Madurai, Thanjavur, Thrissur, Mysore, Puri and Khajuraho. It is truly a spectacle of some sort that cannot be missed at any cost, and you have to present on special festive occasions to cherish those wonderful moments.

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