This traditional Indian art of ‘block printing’ is still alive, and practiced throughout India by master artisans who create eye-catching prints on fabric. The wooden ‘blocks’ or ‘molds’ are hand carved in solid wood, with some ornate designs, patterns and motifs that are carved on the surface. When they are dipped in paint and pressed on the white cotton fabric, the beautiful prints get embossed on the fabric in a perfect and flawless manner. Everything is done by the hand, so the margin of error has to be negligible. The art of woodblock printing originated in China, and slowly came to India during the time of Mughals, who took great interest in this traditional art form. You find blocks in varying patterns, size and dimension that produce beautiful prints and designs on fabric. It is mostly Indian sarees, kurtis as well as bed-sheets that have block printing art done on them, which looks colorful and geometric in pattern. The preferred fabric for block printing is cotton, as it holds the color in a natural way. The round and square design patterns on pure cotton fabric is loved by all. In every Indian home, you find something that has block printing done on it, be it a printed saree, or for that matter a bed-sheet or a cotton linen.


Colorful Prints on Fabric

All over India, the art form of woodblock printing has gained immense importance due to its huge demand among customers. Textile printing is one such area that has flourished over the years, India being one of the major markets. In this particular art form the surface of the wood is chiseled in such a manner, that it goes on to create certain designs and patterns on the fabric which catches the attention of all. The most common are floral, bird and animal motifs on fabric that are loved by the Indian fashion lovers. It is woodblock printing that was, and will be the best form of printing as people love such prints on fabric. It is the sarees, kurtis and bed sheets that look absolutely beautiful and colorful, and today one can shop for such ethnic printed clothing and textiles, that definitely go about increasing the exquisite appeal of any wardrobe.

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