Over the years, traditional Indian craftsmanship on fabric has transformed and achieved a higher degree of perfection and refinement. The ornate embroidery work, lace work, resham thread work and patch work on fabric are truly exquisite and ravishingly beautiful, on any given day. Here, in this blog post of mine, I would exclusively focus on zari embroidery and zardosi embellishment work on fabric. Some of the leading bridal fashion houses in India are now showcasing their newest designs on fabric, especially in the area of zari & zardosi embroidery, that oozes out a gorgeous effect. The gold and silver zari threads, along with the the sequin, mirror and moti embroidery work are like an icing on the cake, with the outfit looking even more dazzling in effect. The fine gold and silver zari threads are woven intricately and ornately onto the fabric material, bringing out the gorgeous effect. The Banarasi silk saree is one beautiful example of traditional zari embroidery, that is unrivaled and unparalleled. Intricate patterns and motifs are created by the way of weaving these fine gold and silver zari threads, into different designs, patterns and motifs. It brings about a royal and grand look, as the floral, animal and bird motifs on the sarees and bridal lehengas, looks absolutely pristine in appeal.


Traditional Art form on Fabric

Zari embroidery or Zardozi (Persian), came to India from Iran (erstwhile Persia), as the outfits with zari embroidery were considered attires of the royals and elites. This art form gained immense recognition and it proliferated to other parts of India, during the Mughal Empire, at the time of Akbar on the throne. Today, Indian fashion designers are creating masterpieces out of fabric with the use of sequins, mirrors and moti; apart from the use of gold & silver zari threads. The use of embroidered sarees and lehenga cholis are heavily embroidered with zari threads and has extensive embellishment patterns. The rich colors of the fabric, coupled with the intricate weaving patterns, create a jaw-dropping effect upon the customer, who is looking to buy a designer bridal lehenga or a bridal saree with heavy embroidery work. This art is very popular in north Indian cities like Delhi, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Lucknow with a majority of experienced artisans coming from this part of India. So, if you are looking to shop for your wedding  and make your fashion statement count, it has to be a reputed bridal clothing store, that sells quality stuffs.

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